Tackle Height and Concussion

Concussion in Rugby and the NRL are huge topices now!

In elite rugby union concussion represents 20% of all match injuries, with 50% of these occurring in a tackle - whether the Tackler or the ball carrier is injured. 

Research from the 2017-2019 UK seasons showed that in illegal tackles the ball carrier is more often injured. Whereas if the tackle is legal (height etc) then the tackler is more often injured. 

The BJSM reported in their FEB 2021 issue that lowering the tackle height to the armpit resulted in less ball-in-play time, which reduced the amount of tackles per game, and reduced the amount of head and neck contacts for ball carriers. 

HOWEVER, there was no significant difference between the incidence in concussion for ball carriers. And the incidence and propensity of concussions increased in tacklers by double. 

Interesting times ahead for these sports, as they try to protect people from Long term injury while protecting the entertainment value of the sport! 

At SSP our physios are qualified concussion therapists. We have the means and the know how to treat concussion and the occasional long term symptoms people experience.