Surgery? Rehab? Labral tear? Subluxed shoulder?

Surgery? Rehab??

There’s been heaps in the media following the killer halfback’s shoulder injury sustained early into State of Origin Game 2. 

Post match comments were that he suffered a partially dislocated shoulder twice, once in each half. 

Following the match, assessment by the physio team and imaging identified a labral tear (common with shoulder dislocations) and speculations began regarding surgical intervention to end the play-makers season early 

So… lets see what the research says - surgical stabilisation can be required for chronically unstable shoulders (Kavaja et al BJSM 2018). 

This means, if conservative physiotherapy consisting of strengthening the rotator cuff muscles, increasing range of motion and retraining shoulder joint proprioception is unsuccessful (tests as unstable clinically or redislocates) then surgery may be required. 

So - good outcome for Nathan! 

Fingers crossed he undergoes a solid 6 weeks of rehabilitation and treatment, returning to play with a strong rotator cuff and good dynamic stability, so that surgery can be avoided altogether!