“You must walk 10,000 steps per day!”

This seems to have become the magical number to walk before you give yourself a well earned pat on the back and look smug.

But where did this number come from??

Lee et al in 2019 looked at the number of daily steps taken and the mortality rate in older women. They found that 4,400 steps a day reduces the mortality rate by 41% when compared to women walking 2,700steps daily. 7,500 steps provide a further reduction to mortality rates before the benefits level out.

Of course, this fits with what we already know, that exercise and an active lifestyle is the answer to a longer and healthier life!

As physios we are here to ensure you can be active and participating in whatever activity brings you joy whether that be walking or waterpolo-ing.

From niggles, to more serious injuries we are here to get you back to doing all the things you love!

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