Lisfranc - Cameron Munster

Cameron Munster is said to be a certainty for Origin 1 after a Lisfranc injury just over a month ago...

The lisfranc joint complex is composed of the bones and ligaments that connect the mid foot to the forefoot, as we can see in the images above. The mid foot is imperative in stabilising the arch, and walking, so damage to this joint complex can be serious. 

A lisfranc injury can include ligament strains and tears as well as bone fractures. The most serious of which // generally fracture requires timely surgery in order to re-establish stabilisation to the mid foot and avoid serious osteoarthritis, and generally a minimum recovery time of 6 months. 

Munster ran for the first time last Saturday a month after sustaining his foot injury, and if fit will pull on the jersey for QLD just 11 days after this first run. This is a quick return to sport and suggests he may have had a low grade joint sprain.