Lateral knee pain

Main cause of lateral knee pain, which is 'ITB syndrome' or ITBS

Above physio Loz is demonstrating a great hip strengthening exercise to improve function and reduce lateral knee pain. 

Your ITB is located down the outside of your thigh connecting hip to knee and is made of fascia, providing stability for your hip and knee joint and is thought to store energy like a spring. We now know - that fascia is very hard to change and hence gone are the painful days of “rolling out your ITB”. So if you can’t stretch it then what do you do!! 

Geisler et al 2020 looked at the best rehab options and like a lot of injuries, we have to strengthen - mainly the muscles of our hip to initially reduce pain and then build strength to take the pressure off our ITB and improve function. 

If this sounds like you then let’s get you on your way