Concussion Series Part 9

Concussion Series Part 9

We’ve divulged so much information about concussion over the last 8 posts, we hope you now have greater understanding about concussions. 

Following concussion, the sooner recovery becomes the focus, the quicker you are able to eliminate concussion related symptoms.

People that wait to get treated or never get treatment at all have a much greater risk of experiencing prolonged symptoms.

We can break the symptoms associated with concussion into 5 theorised domains:

1. Blood flow abnormalities (physiological) 

2. Metabolic inflammation

3. visual and/or vestibular

4. Cervical spine

5. psychological 

These domains are able to be managed and worked through independently.

As concussion practitioners we are able to use testing to ascertain the impairments and their associated domains to treat and manage concussion according to the latest high quality research, taking you all the way through your treatment and returning you symptom free to play or work.