Concussion Series Part 5

Concussion Series Part 5

People often ask us about imaging concussions…How can we diagnose concussion? And how can we treat what we cant see?

As previously discussed, concussion is a FUNCTIONAL injury and NOT a structural injury, so the brain itself will have no structural damage, and hence will not be seen on a CT scan. Concussion is diagnosed based on symptoms and a clear mechanism of injury.

The first 24 to 48 hours after concussion are the most critical, due to the potential for more significant injury or worsening symptoms that may require medical attention.

Following concussion you should NOT:

DO NOT go to sleep for at least 3 hours after concussion

DO NOT take any medication immediately after concussion as these can mask the signs of worsening symptoms

DO NOT consume alcohol


DO have someone closely watch you for at least the first 3 hours, monitoring for worsening condition

DO have that person check in on your balance regularly with your feet close together and eyes closed, if balance is worsening, seek medical attention.

DO get an evaluation by an experienced concussion practitioner within 2 days of injury.

DO consume a low inflammatory diet void of alcohol, excess carbohydrates and gluten and full of fresh fruit and vegetables