Concussion Series Part 2

Concussion Series Part 2

Here’s some hard core facts about concussion in sport. There is a lot of misinformation about concussion, and this is largely due to a lack of education in a “Sporting culture”

AFL players have a 10.53% chance of sustaining a concussion each year (Costello, 2018) this is the highest rate of any sport.

Rugby comes in at a close second, with  the highest risk of exposure being during “FULL NOISE” TRAINING // if the length of time spent in full noise training was reduced by 15 mins each week, there would be 1000 less concussions over 4 year period.

More than HALF of concussions are never reported. And similarly to this there is huge discrepancy between what happens and what is reported to medical staff.

we need to change the perception of concussion in sport, contact sports have a reasonable risk of concussion and the incidence may not be able to be reduced, so reporting concussion at the time of impact becomes imperative.