Protect Your Back

Are you Protective of your back when in pain?

Saracini et al reminded us in their 2020 study about the misinformation that circulates in regards to the way we think about back pain.


They particularly highlighted the fact that there is no need to avoid flexing your back when lifting things, and further than this, that people who do flex their back when they’re lifting experience no more pain than those people who keep their back straight. Our backs are really adaptable and malleable and are able to deal with significant forces being put through them.


On another note, it is so important that we don’t avoid exercise and movement. A 2020 study byMaurer et al demonstrated that long periods of physical inactivity has shown as trong correlation with disc degeneration of the thoracic and lumbar spines.This means that the cushioning between your vertebra is decreased.


Although this may seem scary, it’s not - it’s actually great news for us, as it reminds us that exercise (and putting load through our spine), will act as a protective mechanism to help to keep our back strong and healthy, and shouldn’t damage it.


The important takeaway from these two studies is that our backs are strong - they can cope with a lot. And 2, that exercise actually helps to strengthen your spine allowing you to continue moving without pain and preventing degeneration of the intervertebral discs.